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Orthotic Assessments

Biomechanical Assessment:

  • Foot analysis: A non-weight bearing assessment looks at bony structure, joint integrity, callusing patterns, hallux (big toe) function, and palpation to determine which structures are injured.

Functional analysis:

  • Gait analysis: Walking is the most important functional task we must assess. We may also ask runners to run on a treadmill, barefoot and shod (with shoes on). 

  • Functional abilities and special tests: Depending on your condition we may ask you to perform tasks such as balancing on one foot, rising up off your heels, jumping, squatting, etc…

  • Proximal analysis: We must look above the feet to determine how the entire kinetic chain is involved. This requires knee, and hip assessment. In some situations it also involves pelvis and low back, assessment.

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