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How Orthotics Work

Custom Foot Orthotics are a crucial part of the external supporting system. They are an accommodative device, which supports your foot and lower body’s biomechanics. 

Feet are very different from one another. These differences mean that our feet don’t all work the same. Some people have very flexible feet, some feet lean in while other feet lean out. Due to these differences we will all posses weak links in our foot or lower body’s “kinetic chain”. These weak links are often the culprits of many gait related injuries.

Our feet are our direct connection to our external environment. At Footjax we consider all that lies under your feet as the external environment or the external supporting system. This Includes the ground, your shoes, orthotics, socks, braces, etc… It has been well documented in research that everything that lies under your feet will affect your biomechanics.

Common injuries treated with Orthotics include:

  • Plantarfasciosis (commonly called Plantarfasciitis)

  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (commonly called shin spints)

  • Metatarsalgia (forefoot pain)

  • Morton’s Neuroma

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

  • Knee pain

  • IT band pain (Iliotibial Band)

  • Arch pain

  • Hip, pelvis, or Low Back Pain

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