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External Supporting System

At Footjax we consider the external supporting system to include everything under, and on your feet. This includes the ground, shoe, insole, orthotic, sock, tape, brace, etc… The different combinations of these layers under your feet have a significant influence on your body’s biomechanics. In fact the external world under foot dictates how the body must function.


Friends don't let friends run on concrete

Consider a few examples:

Barefoot training may toughen you up if done at appropriate volumes

Socks can wick sweat, prevent skin irritation, compress, improve circulation, add warmth, etc 

Too much traction builds up torque within the lower limb and can lead to overuse injuries 


BUT too little traction can lead to slipping and falling

Shoe cushion is important but can have various thicknesses, drop, rocker, materials, weight, "control", etc...

Shoe "last" is the shape of the inside of the shoe.  You will find some companies last fits you better

Tape supports weakened but functional injuries 

Grass is a GREAT running and walking surface!!!

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