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Barefoot Training Helps

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Barefoot training helps re-program your gait mechanics and toughens your feet up.

Barefoot training is for everybody!

  • For runners it helps create better shock moderating behaviours

  • For hikers it helps improve the foot’s ability to adhere to surface contours

  • For weak foot muscles it creates an incredible stimulus for growth

  • For the elderly it improves balance

  • For the overstressed, it calms the soul through reflexology

  • For the post injury rehabilitation it improves somatosensory feedback

Footjax knows feet! While running, hiking, playing, or at work, everything on your feet and under your feet has critical influence on your body.

Barefoot training is meant to create a “training stimulus.” This means that adding the appropriate volume and frequency of barefoot training will make your feet and legs stronger and more resilient.


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